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Tarot Horoscope Free Online 2020

free tarot

Free Daily Horoscope

Select your sign and know what destiny holds for you today


Free Horoscope Today

Every day you can request your free horoscope and see what to expect in each day, let your free online horoscope sign accompany your life and together with the free online tarot, you have the necessary tools to face your life.

Types Free Tarot

Free Tarot Horoscope

Let's share information both free tarot as the free horoscope, you can not only make the free spins of the tarot online or follow your horoscope according to your sign day by day for free but we will learn the secrets of the arcana and the signs of the zodiac.

Online Seer - FREE Reading and Running of Cards at the Moment

In the world we inhabit that each moment is transformed in so many different ways, predict your future It may be what changes your life and destiny.

Free Card Roll

With this totally free possibility of cknow the predictions of your life, online in a simple way. You can take charge of your life with these print runs and card readings.

Throw the cards and know your mysterious future It will not be the only thing we will see on this website, you will also meet your protective angel and you will know how to get in touch with Mother Earth.

How to connect to the earth before using the tarot of destiny?

In order to receive the details of your destiny through tarotwe have to know how connect with mother earth.

Al Predict your future In you must change some things like eliminate negative energy transforming it into positive, let's close our eyes to breathe deeply connect us with mother earth your protective angels.

When you succeed connect your body and soul, think carefully about what you want to ask and choose your cards in order to receive your predictions.

What is the Free Tarot online

Tarot cards that seem like a simple game hide the mysteries of the past, present and future who consults them. History tells that in China in 1120 the tarot was already practiced and that in India it was used as it is today to predict the future. With time it reaches Italy and France and thus all of Europe.

As always history has several currents one of them indicates that it was the gypsies of Central Asia who introduced it to Europe.

According to Oswald Wirth, the Tarot was the work of the Middle Ages where ancient philosophies and symbols were mixed, numerology, Kabbalah, the naibis and the symbolism of astrology.

What we can make clear looking back is the great interest of our ancestors in know the future since we can find evidences of the tarot in very old religions, philosophies and cultures.

How is the Tarot online formed?

free tarot

It is made up of letters that depending on your position where they come out and their images transmit information to us about our past, present and future.

There are different types of cards and drawings that relate to different themes. They are the Arcana, our oracles that will guide us on the way so that we make the best decisions or at least those that we consider the indicated for each moment of our lives.

The Arcanes Free Tarot

Its 78 letters weary that make up the Tarot, divided into two very named groups, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The predictions are made with both groups of Arcana or with the Major Arcana.

Its 22 letters those that make up the Major Arcanaand represent the Universe from the very creation, the spiritual world and the earthly world. We can find endless symbologies in the Tarot cards.

We not only talk about what each figure means but how it relates to and intervenes with other figures such as: the gesture reading, the meaning of colors, positions of the figures and of course the numerologia.

If we had to classify the best known surely the Tarot of Marseille It is in first place followed by Italians and Spanish.

How to Prepare for a Free Tarot Reading

the arcans

At the time of our inquiry and give the choice of cardscan be done several sentences to connect body and soul with mother earth and our angels, we we recommend this:

“Pachamama, and all the natural and spiritual forces mark the way to go and have sufficient strength and conscience and in this way be able to ask the right question in order to have a firm but positive answer. May my soul and my heart be illuminated and collect the answer and transform it into a path that will lead me to the success and fullness of my soul. AMEN"

As clarification it is useful to say that the the tarot will only speak of your immediate destiny And about the question you ask, do not take it as a game but the result will not be as expected.

How tarot cards are prepared and what we ask

The place must be silent where you can connect with the cards, it is advisable to light a candle once we are in contact we think about the consultation that we would like to make and we choose three cards.

Questions may refer to the Money, to Love, we can choose Job is Health, He too Future, we can ask about Present and why not from our Destination.

What will the free tarot cards tell me online and how should I take it?

tarot online

The result of the card runs can be influenced by you mood, anxiety, stress level or the worries that are in your head. That is why we must take what we have learned and make inquiries responsibly y don't take it as a simple game since we will not be able to achieve the results that we are looking for.

You must take with much respect and responsibility face your destiny when consulting free virtual tarot. This way you will enter the esoteric world where the divination that goes hand in hand with clairvoyance y the intuition.

You choose your own cards therefore you choose your own destiny Pay attention to what the letters say, do not take it lightly, reflect on your future.

What will the letters of the Free Tarot online

Tu state anxiety will be decisive when making a good free tarot reading, since this will affect our entire connection, at the moment of choose the cards as well as when reading. you must free yourself from anxiety and stress at the time of throwing the cards or make the choice online Because they can influence results. Do not take it as a game since you will not know how to interpret what the arcana are telling you, when we enter the esoteric world we must have the highest possible concentration and take it with the respect it deserves.

Cartomancy and free tarot

Origin of the Horoscope and the Zodiac

the signs of the zodiac

The zodiac name was an original proposal of the Egyptians and Babylonians located on the historical line before 2000 BC to be able to visualize the passing of time on a calendar. This zodiacal region was divided into twelve equal parts, a situation similar to the twelve moons that appear each year.

The word zodiac comes from the Greek zoé-diakos, that is, "wheel of life", but the zodiac exists throughout the planet, both in the West, Africa, South America, India, Tibet and China, with small divergences existing at its base.

Great scholars and experts assure that the tracking, observation and origin of our constellations is due to the Sumerians, but the historical information relates that this knowledge was transmitted through the priest-astronomers, who lived in Ancient Egypt, to the Greeks, and these when studied by astronomers and scientists of the Middle Ages, took that knowledge to give birth to the current horoscope.

What are the Horoscope and the Zodiac?

free horoscopes

In western astrology, the zodiac constellations define the twelve zodiac signs, which were used for divination, thus making the horoscope of a person who belongs to a sign depending on the date of birth, which is a mark that does not erase for the rest of life, and as indicated by the signs of the zodiac depending on the date is the sign and depending on the sign is your personality and also marks your destiny.

The horoscope defines, therefore, the representative diagrams of some specific moment in time, taking into account the position of the planets and other celestial bodies.

The zodiac is a band on the celestial sphere, which extends 8 degrees to both sides of the ecliptic where the Sun and planets move. A route or path is formed in the sky during the course of a terrestrial year. This band or route or strip was divided by the Greeks into 12 equal parts, each part means one month of the year and they have an extension of 30 degrees of arc. Each strip was named after twelve of the constellations that stood out in space at the time.

How the Horoscope is made

horoscope now

We could say, in a summarized way, that the moment we use for the elaboration of horoscopes is the birth of a person, and what is sought with this is to determine the position in which the sun, moon and stars were during said birth. With this in mind, horoscopes would be very similar to the birth chart or birth chart, but unlike the latter, the popular meaning of horoscopes is directly related to the interpretation astrologers give of these diagrams.

Free Astral Chart

In this way, we can realize the popularity of horoscopes if we read any newspaper or magazine; It is common to find entire columns dedicated to the subject, detailing the influence that the day or month of each of the signs corresponding to the zodiac will have, always taking into account the position of the previously mentioned celestial bodies. For their part, experts in astrology and reading horoscopes always prefer to interpret them or read the astrological chart in a more personalized way, since, as can be well understood, it is practically impossible to generalize the readings. of horoscopes and natal charts for all people.

Horoscope Origin

It is very difficult to determine what was the origin of horoscopes, but we can say that they depend entirely on astrology, and based on the beginning of the study of astrology, horoscopes began to develop in the past. Astrology, basically, is a belief system, which, well interpreted, can help us to guess the future and the characteristics of some person by means of the relative calculations of the position of the planets on the day they were born. On the other hand, it is important not to confuse Astrology with Astronomy, since in the second case it is a science that is in charge of systematically studying all the stars.

Horoscope Types

horoscope online

There are many types of horoscopes with which we can cross, since practically most cultures have their own way of interpreting the influence of the stars on people. Horoscopes began to develop as a result of the emergence of astrology, as we have already discussed, and it developed in various great cultures simultaneously. For example, the Babylonians began practicing astrology more than 5.000 years ago, while the Chinese did it 4.000 years ago. In the same way the Hindu culture also developed this discipline. All these cultures and civilizations began to study astrology as a means of temporal measurement, in addition to establishing the influence that the stars had on the life and personality of each individual, based on the date of their birth.

According to astrology, the origin of horoscopes is based on the fact that the sky was divided into 88 constellations that form different figures, be they objects, animals or characters. Of these 88 constellations, there are twelve that share the common characteristic that the Sun passes through them once a year at a certain time; when a person is born the sign is determined depending on which constellation the sun is in.

Now, the personal characteristics that this person will have, which are attributed to horoscopes, come in turn from the characteristics of the object or animal that forms the constellation. On the other hand, there is a single variable that acts on horoscopes that do not refer to the specific signs, since 6 planets intervene together with the moon and the sun; What this means is that this variable is somewhat more complicated to be studied or interpreted, but we can say that it is the relative passions of each of the planets, and their positions regarding those sectors called houses, which they are precisely those that determine success, love, health ... that are usually predicted in the most common horoscopes.

Signs of the zodiac

When we talk about traditional western astrology, we have to say that each sign refers to one of the planets, it should be clarified that in astrology, the Sun and the Moon are considered planets). The signs of the zodiac are determined as follows: Aries identified with Mars, Taurus in turn with Venus, Gemini is Mercury, Cancer is the Moon, Leo the great Sun, Virgo is Mercury, Libra is Venus, Scorpio is the only one with two planets, Mars and Pluto, Sagittarius is Jupiter), Capricorn Saturn, Aquarius is Uranus, and Pisces is Neptune.

Zodiac signs and elements

Each of the signs is associated with one of the 4 elements that we find on our planet, be it fire, earth, air or water, in this way we can group the signs in this way:

* Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the fire signs that are associated with strength, passion and energy.
* Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the earth signs that are associated with sensation, stability and usefulness.
* Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs that are associated with change, thought, and communication.
* Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs that are associated with intuition, art, and feelings.

Western astrology is based on the tropical zodiac, which divides the path of the sun over the earth into twelve signs with the same length, finding Aries at the first point, which is the point at which the path the Sun travels through the equator at the spring equinox.

Because the calendar is defined by the movement of the Earth around the Sun, since its orbit is quite circular, the sign in which the Sun is, making the task of predicting it easier, this may vary very little by the effect caused by leap years and their extra days. To determine the sign that the moon and other planets are on a given day, it is necessary to consult the ephemeris or use an astrological computer program that already has the ephemeris included; They are programs that help you to calculate your astrological chart or horoscope, so that you spend time interpreting and not calculating the astrological chart.

In summary, the current Zodiac is the result of a mixture of different cultural contributions from different peoples since the beginning of human culture. Both the Chaldeans, Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians and currently and so it will be for the rest of time we are exerting influences on the zodiac. What will never change and last until the end of time is that the Zodiac sure is the cosmic clock.

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